Roses in a flask: FAQ


Roses in a flask: FAQ
Roses in a glass flask - a product that has been the most trendy, fashionable and desirable gift for several years - still raises many questions and doubts. In this article, we, as a manufacturer, will try to answer the most frequently asked questions and clarify their lifespan, manufacturing methods and much more. Before you buy a rose in a flask, we recommend that you read this information.
Question 1. Oh, what, are they alive?
Roses in flasks belong to the class of stabilized flowers, and technically they cannot be called alive, since the processes of photosynthesis and regeneration are blocked in them. However, it is still rather a living flower, since it would be definitely wrong to call it artificial.
Question 2. What do they do with them that they stand for so long?
Thanks to modern technologies, almost everything has become possible, including literally stopping the moment! After the flower has been grown on a plantation and has entered the optimal growth phase, all natural moisture is evaporated from it in a special way, and a high-tech patented composition based on glycerin and a number of acids mixed in a certain proportion is introduced instead. Thanks to this, the processes of photosynthesis are completely suspended, and with them, decomposition and, accordingly, wilting.

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