And how long will he live like this?


Question 3. And how long will he live like this?
The average life span of a stabilized flower is 3 to 5 years. The question of how long a rose lives in a flask worries all buyers and is a reason for speculation by scammers who promise almost eternal life for their rose, up to 10 years, but this is from the realm of science fiction. If you follow the simple rules for using a rose in glass, you can extend its life up to 5 years, but after this period the composition of the flower will gradually evaporate and the flower will become dry and brittle. When buying in our store, each flower is accompanied by a certificate of quality with the date of manufacture and a care instruction.
Question 4. Do they smell?
By itself, the stabilized flower does not smell of anything, but, if desired, it can be flavored (this service is free for us). The main thing is not to try to do it yourself with the help of perfume or eau de toilette, it can be detrimental to delicate petals!
Question 5. Wow, how many colors are they painted or what?
All rosebuds to be stabilized are initially white, and only at one of the last stages they are painted in different colors. On large plantations, the number of shades exceeds 50!

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